Application area

  • Microbiological treatment of soil and water from organic and inorganic pollution, including pollution with oil products, industrial and household waste
  • Disinfection of industrial water tankers and natural reservoirs from oil and oil products
  • Sanitary processing of oil production and storage facilities
  • Sanitary treatment of roadsides of roads and railways, adjacent territories of gas stations and car washes, territories of airports, military bases and industrial enterprises from oil pollution and fuels and lubricants
  • Chemical industry waste disposal (aromatic, polyaromatic, cyclic, unsaturated, isoprene carbohydrates)
  • Disposal of household waste

Practical experience

A number of industrial refineries have successfully used ECAMBIOCID to maintain a normal environmental climate.

ECAMBIOCID application results: the content of oil products in the oil sludge decreased from 25% to 3-4% within 25 days for observation, which avoided large fines and helped to prevent an environmental disaster.

If necessary, the company provides the services of highly qualified employees to assess the extent of contamination of the territory and advice on effective cleaning and analysis of the quality of the work performed.

Ekambiocid and Environment

The unique composition of the drug is experimentally selected taking into account maximum efficiency and environmental safety. The cultures included in the preparation are non-pathogenic and non-toxic.
Production and use of Ekambiocida is safe for humans, animals, fish, insects and plants.


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