Characteristics of the biological product

The drug "ECAMBIOCID" is available in three forms:

  • Concentrated culture suspension for accelerated cleaning of contaminated areas 109 cells / ml of active bacteria.
  • Dry preparation with a population of at least 108 cells / g of active bacteria.
  • Dry powder with a count of 108 cells / ml of active bacteria, stabilized with special additives on a natural carrier.

Delivered to consumer

  • in polyethylene containers of 5, 10 and 20 liters. in liquid form
  • in paper (polyethylene) bags weighing 10-25 kg. (in dry form).
  • The guaranteed shelf life of liquid preparations is 6 months at a temperature of 0 to 15 C, and the preparation in dry form is 18 months.

Ekambiocid and Environment

The unique composition of the drug is experimentally selected taking into account maximum efficiency and environmental safety. The cultures included in the preparation are non-pathogenic and non-toxic.
Production and use of Ekambiocida is safe for humans, animals, fish, insects and plants.


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